Saturday, January 31, 2009

Im Not A freakin Teddy BEAR!!! Sheesh! IM A ROARING LION!!!

Im about tired of Females finding it "CUTE" To call me a damn Teddy Bear! Fellas out there, who have the same problem tell em! Im A FEROCIOUS LION, HEAR MY ROAR!! ARRRRRR( In a MUFASA TONE)!!! What the hell is up with this TEDDY BEAR fascination that females SEEM TO HAVE!?!?! Just because you are cute,small, and dainty, we dont call you a shitsu?! How would you like that?!?!
No, but on the Real, is that a compliment oR NOT?!?! Just Because im a kind-hearted fun-loving individual, that doesnt make me a damn TEDDY BEAR! Whoever agrees with me, STAND UP AND SAY..... IM NOT A TEDDY BEAR!! I am A ROARING LION! Since you want to put me in a box, I have figured a plan to take over the world through my image!

Well, Initially It was a problem to be looked at as a teddy bear! Now I have realized that i can use this to my advantage! HAHAHAHAHAHA( Sinister Laugh). When someone robs a bank, do you ever think of a teddy bear? When someone gets Jumped, do you suspect a teddy bear GANG?!?! When there is a cuss out session, do you suspect a teddy bear WITH A DIRTY MOUTH!?!? NOOOO! Therefore, i am going to take this image that i have formed, and use it to my advantage! VIVA LA TEDDY BEAR! I am going to do all these things, and get away with them! WHY?!!?!? Cuz you'd never suspect a teddy bear to be responsible for such things! LOL... Nah but on the real..... Is it a compliment or not to be considered a teddy bear via a female? Ladies let all the teddy bears of america know today!!!! I really would appreciate your comments on the blog! THanks! CrAcK hOuSe rOcK IS HERE TO STAY! OWWWW!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The St. Louis Connection Pt. 1

New York and The World

- Writing from St. Louis,Missouri, home of: Redd Foxx, The St.Louis Cardinals, Chuck Berry, and Co-founder of the Blues music phenomenon. Growing up amidst the Shadow of the Gateway Arch; where success and moguls are born and sculpted everyday. This was the environment that produced me, Brandon Allen. Newest Member to Dice City and the Crack House Rock movement. A mogul in training, trying to develop and harness the skills and attributes needed to be a juggernaut in the music industry. As I write this blog today, the weather outside hits its third transition of the week. The first a 65 degree heat wave that resulted in t-shirt and jean weather. Secondly, fall, the weather dropped about 10 - 15 degrees having most of the campus (Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, Carbondale IL) back in light jackets and long sleeved shirts or hoodies. Then today the weather reaches one of the lowest points of the winter a 12 degree cold front that brings with it an estimated 3-5 inches of ice, not snow. This weather presents a need for multiple fashion styles and also multiple hot new trends.
The the most common trend found on campus, Creative Recreation. The San Fransisco based company puts out endless hot shoes and with ridiculous amounts of possible colors,styles, and fashion genres. I own at least 5 pairs personally.For those of you unfamiliar with these I have attached the link to the main website for the company so you too can enjoy these incredible shoes. Also, these shoes tend to match perfectly the styles and concepts produced by my bro's Al B and Tre-Dice of Dice City Fashion; thusly, if you gettin some Rec's why not grab a Dice City joint to go with it.
Next, Nafiys Blakewood aka - Mr. Blakewood. Fashion Guru.And soon to be Hip-Hop,Pop,Indie, whatever ICON. Make sure you go and hit his page up at, and let him know your thoughts and ideas about whatever he doing currently- most likely tryin to take over his area of expertise, just like the rest of the family.
Lastly, any artists in the St.Louis,Kansas City,Alton,Chicago,Memphis,Nashville,Atlanta area looking for someone to give them that opportunity of being the next big thing in whatever music type you do, contact me at or facebook Brandon Allen (SIU Carbondale network) I'm looking for new unique sounds so let me know. Also, If you are a college school member in any of those areas and are interested in having some of Dice City Fashions - A taste of New York City- at your next big fashion show contact either me or Al B or any member of the Crack House movement and they will point you in the right direction.

Until the next time

I'm Brandon Allen with your St.Louis Connection
Peace,Love, and God Bless...

Last of a Dying Breed.........

First of all, i'd like to make a B-day Shout out to my CrAcK HoUsE Family Member! Mr. Nafiys Blakewood! Also, a shout Out to the future Female Moguls of Entertainment! Miss Tamara G., and Miss Shae' Model extraordinaire! It is very rare that you meet females that are so independent, and doing their thing! They are truely women on their grind, and on the STEADY come-up!! After Partying the night away (some partied LONGER than Others(insider)) we Managed to work up an appetite. Therefore, we decided to go to a diner in Brooklyn. First off, we were welcomed by a drunk dude, with his pants to the damn ground, WITH DOOKIE MARKS in his Drawers! ROFL.... WTF!?! And on top of that, he was tryna holla at the ladies we were with....until we walked in shortly after ;)p ! Anyways, we had a nice meal, and conversated about various topics Business to What kind of socks we wear! Afterwards after Nafiys and I pull out our money to pay for our food, and the Event Planner You all know as Tamara G. gracefully and eloquently takes the receipt and looks at me like "this is my world, I got this"! At this point I'm Flabbergasted! Im like is this really happening!?!?! A young Strong FULLY INDEPENDENT Black woman has graced my presence for the first time in a minute! I was like Dayummm, somebody Koofie smack me in the head...THRICE! Shout out to the two young ladies that graced our presence...Tamara and Shae, you are truly the last of a dying Breed! Fades out while.... (Beyonce ____ plays in the background)! Wont specify a song, She got so many damn INDEPENDENT/Single woman trax, that you can insert your favorite in the blank!

To all the LADIES/MEN out there who are looking for handouts, I need you to Step your GAME UP! There are enough liberties and rights that we are given in the world! YOU can be who you want to be, if you apply yourself, and take charge of your life! So dont WASTE another moment having a Star Studded PITY PARTY with YOURSELF! Get out and get SOME! Lets get it in 09 it is truely our time to SHINE!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Negro Please!!! You have too many Super Powers not to have a cape! LOL... Translation Below

Are you Tired of all these people Perpetrating, telling you what they have and what they are doing!?!? I say to them, Negro Please, You have too many damn Super Powers not to have a cape!

Throughout your day, you realize that Everyone is talking bout "I do this, and i do that" How is it that you are the damn owner of GMC Motors, and don't even have a damn Cobalt!! ROFL! Just your two damn feet, and you got holes in them!! How are you the man in your hood, and get PUNKED in the BURBs!?!?! Also, how are you signed with a label, and cant even afford a pot to piss in!People just need to be Real With themselves! This girl told she was Def Jam's new big thing(wont say her name), and She was asking my team to spot her at IHOP'S...WTF!?!!? IHOP is Upgraded trucker food( I like it though)!!! Just be Freakin Real! We WON'T laugh at you! We are on the come-up too!! My team and I are 1000% Real! Are we Rich....NO! Do we have herums of women jumping out of closets with 3 feathers covering them when we check into hotels...NO! Do we have Lambo's with suicide doors.....NO! Do we have Diamonds on our necks and wrists....HELL NAH Niggas will rob you in the hood! We keep it REAl....Do we grind like there is no tommorrow....YES! Is CrAcK HoUsE RoCk made up of talented And business-minded individuals....YES! Does Nafiys Blakewood (iModel) have the Modeling on Smash...Hell Yeah! Does Tre Dice have Barz for dayz.....You DAMN RIGHT! Are We the movement that is going to the top....You Already KNOW! Thanks for the Suppport, and we Love you!! CrAcK HoUsE RoCk...the tribe of distinguished Moguls!!! We are here to STAY!!!In Conclusion, next time you see a person, Stuntin' N Frontin'.... i tell you to do this one thing....KOOFIE Smack his/her ass!!! Tell em' them Crack House Rock Boyz Sent cha!! CHOW.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CrAck PiCs....Anyone want a glas of milk?

How many ladies like for a man to drink or consume things
off of their body?!?! I know i love when a woman eats off
of mine!!! ;)p

This is Jeremy Marc Anthony's depiction of a got milk ad.
Everyone has done or attempted to do a got milk advertis-
ement to portray how milk is good for the body. Jeremy's
attempt with this trio of photos was to say how good milk
is by adding sex to the picture, therefore giving it a

Here you see a toned, muscular, in shape young man drink-
ing milk from a sexy young woman. After seeing that, what
man wouldn't want to drink milk?!!? It is officially app-
roved by CrAcK HoUsE RoCk the MOVEMENT!!! If I can get a
sexy hot Chick to do the same, I'm going to the store

If you are in the D.C. area, or alabama Area, hit Jeremy
Marc Anthony on Facebook! His rates are reasonable, and
will be increasing very soon due to the high demand
of his work in the area!! CrAcK HoUsE RoCk certifies
JMA as one of the Next Big Things in photography!

CrAcK HoUsE RoCk " Boy Know What I talk Bout"

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We linked up qith the kid Unique A minute ago, and decided to share it with you! This was a really cool and down to earth dude! I am sure that his future is gonna be hella bright! also, the ladies love him! Check him out at . Its gonna be a crazy year, and im sure we'll be doing some things with unique! His charisma,style, and managment behind him is on point! Shout out to Make Moves Management! This is our year lets get it! Check out why he performedm and where his mind is!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

CrAcK HoUsE RoCk... We Are...........Naughty By Nature!

It had to go all the way down!!! We Linked up with Treach, and got an exclusive interview to see what is planned for The Unit! He assured us that he has some Big things poppin of in hte near future! MOVIES,MUSIC,MONEY,MONEY,MONEY!! LOL... Nah but on the real, Treach is real cool, and seems ready to help out a good cause! 09' seems as though its gonna be the best eva! Lets get it! More to come..... Stay Tuned tho!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CrAcK PiCs!!!

Dr. Joe Gaiter has graced us with his craft and talent once again! If you are in Atlanta, contact him! He is truly special, and doing big things in ATL! Add him on facebook, and network (Dr.Joseph Gaiter)!


Sometimes in life you just cant take it anymore!!! No Money for Gas, Food, or even a pair of clean draws!!! Life has so many factors that have the ability to take a toll on you! This is exactly what is being depicted in this Photograph. if you have ever felt like this, please comment! This picture captures the pain, loneliness, and frustrations that life brings to us daily!! Luckily, there is hope for all of us!! Be blessed, and stay tuned for more to come!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome to our Humble abode!

This is the home of the Moguls of the Century! Thanks for tuning in! We really appreciate your support, and constant interaction with us! We really appreciate the love! We are doing something different from alot of people! The purpose of the Movement is to enlighten and help our people out on our way to the top!!! I would like to really stress that we really appreciate your comments, and love to see them! We arent anything without you!!! Thanks in advance! We will be giving you Inspirational Quotes, Entertainment Tidbits, Fashion tips, Exclusive Music, Business advice and much more!!! Add us on facebook as well..... Kasan lane, Alfred Blake, Nafiys Blakewood, Brandon allen( SIU Carbondale )...and our team of Moguls!! Get with us!! Nothing but positivity and advancement here!!! Lets get it!

So Says...... CrAcK HoUsE RoCk Family