Monday, March 30, 2009

Humility is KEY to unlocking many doors!~!~!~!~!~

You Superstars out there!!! Yes im talking to you!! Those of you on the Come-up, Grinding hard, and On the way STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!!! Every opportunity that We are given, is taken into consideration, and appreciated to the utmost! The journey to the top is a long road, and once your car begins to drive on cruise control, we tend to forget who got us there! The man above(or whomever you believe in)! Humility is something that is preached, and we must adhere to it, or lose what we have gained! Never forget where you came from, and always reach down and help someone! Thats what my team and I do, and have been successful thusfar! Lets continue this and make the world how we want it! Next time you talk about someone being a certain way, i want you to inspect your behavior, and make sure that you are acting the right way!

A great man once said that the successfulness of your business endeavors is dependant on his/her ability to leverage relationships!! Learn how to treat people! We need each other to thrive! Lets not forget it! Anyways, im out, and hit me on the twitter! Signing out! Also, this weekend is action packed!! Thursday- Sunday! We are booked for shows! NJPAC Hip-Hop week, Battle of the runway, Tcnj Fashion show, and legendary designer Tyrone Chambliss has opened his doors to us participating on sunday! Lets get it!

So says:

Al B Young Mogul

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is it me or was that strange as hell?

Soooooo..... im holding my bladder for like a year, and finally go to release my "pinned up energy", and i happen to be in the resteroom with another person! Not a problem, as long as we are seperated! LOL! NEWHO, i proceed to halt my bladder from bursting and let the stream loose! The man next to me says.... wow, i bet that must have felt Great....PAUSE! Is that customary for men to discuss their streams with outher men?!?! I dont even know you dude!! LOL! The dude then attempted to continue the convo! being the person i am, I was very polite, but kept the convo to a minimum! Is this strange to you all or what?!?!?! I need to know your responses! Thats just a SHOCKER!!! Have a blessed day, and make sure you all keep on tuning in!!! Its only going to get better!!! Also, We are going in on the Motivational Speaking! Many surprises are in store for you!!! Stay Posted!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~Youth Adopting Youth~

Its not something that is worldwide, but my team and I plan on being the ones to change that FOREVER! YOUTH adopting YOUTH is our Motto! Many times, you hear older people saying...."this genreation is Out Of Control, Im scared for the future!" Im tired of hearing that, and actually thinking that there is validity to that statement! The only way that we are going to be able to see things go any differently, is by YOUTH adopting YOUTH! Take responsibility for the people younger than you! We have the power to do so...Not because of wisdom, money,prestige, or even know how! We have the ability to do so due to our ability to RELATE! If you are tired of hearing about People being killed for no apparent reason,Gang involvement,lack of morality,babies having BABIES, WE HAVE TO LIVE BY THE MOTTO..."YOUTH ADOPTING YOUTH"! My team is dedicated to doing so! If you listen to the tracks of Tre Dice, you will see that there is much more to his music than the cars,hoes, and flashiness! Nafiys Blakewood cares more about the image he gives to the kids rather than the fame! I am DEDICATED to being the one that the kids can look up to, and follow as an example! We have to START TODAY!! NO MORE EXCUSES! Grab a child, and mentor them! The sooner we do this the better! Look out for the Live Your Life TOUR! We are going to Motivate the youth to greatness! Thanks for tuning in, and supporting the movement!

We must reach the youth through POSITIVITY not SCOLDING! Reason being.... Discouragement promotes inaction, and inaction GUARANTEES FAILURE!! SUBSCRIBE!! TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND!!

Al B Young Mogul

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Camera Loves Tre Dice!!! What do you think!?!?!

Recently, we decided that it was time for Tre Dice to get some more Professional picz!!! Now that we have them, we wanted toshare them with you...the Friends and Family of the MOVEMENT!! We appreciate the support that yougive us daily!! Check the pics out, and tell us what you think! Also, make sure you add dice on myspace! ALSO, hope to see you at the show on march 17th! John Jay College Fashion Show...TRE DICE WILL BE PERFORMING!! This is our year to shine! Lets GET IT! also! OOOWWWW!!! Shout out to All our PEOPLE CONSISTENTLY SUPPORTING! Also, leave comments if you like what you read or see!!!

Al B Young Mogul

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I dont Want to hear any EXCUSES!! JUST GET IT DONE!!!

In life we have those who make excuses, and those who make it happen! Which will you choose to be!?!?! If you cant Fly, run, If you cant run,walk, if you cant walk, Crawl, and if you cant crawl hitch a ride!!! As long as you keep it moving!!! In order to prevent Stagnation, you must tell yourself that you must continue to move regardless of the circumstance!! Many of us allow road blocks to halt us from preogression! However, Roadblocks, and obstacles are NEVER Meant to STOP YOU! They are meant to Strengthen you! Think about working out in the GYM! It may hurt, and be unpleasant at times, and DRAINING, but through dilligence you become STRONGER! This also applies to our troubles and hardships in life! Many people complain and say that money, resources, and opportunities are lacking! That is ABSOLUTELY FALSE!! The only thing that is lacking is their DRIVE AND DETERMINATION TO GET THINGS DONE! There are many resoures for all of us regardless of what our bank Statements SAY! However, if they dont present themselves to you right away, MAKE THEM HAPPEN!! In life, no one is goin to baby you into making your Dreams COME TRUE!!!

Just Remember, what people do for you, is a direct measure of what you do for yourself( Original Quote by Al B Young Mogul)! If you are a model, you work out, spend hours in the gym, and Fight yourself to fight the urges of JUNKFOOD! Your rewards are the fact that people compliment you on your body! You are able to use your product to make $$$, and many more things! If you are an artist, you dont get a record deal for just making a hot SINGLE! You get a deal from creating a buzz, and a following! You have done that for Yourself first, and now people do not MIND GIVING their Time and Money to help you! However, this only COMES WHEN YOU HELP YOURSELF OUT! No1 Wants to help someone who doesnt help themselves! That is why many of you reading will see a person who is always begging for money at the same place! If its not the right day, yourself, I CANT EVEN PUT GAS IN MY CAR, HOW can i help you! Shout outs to my team! If you are a hard worker, get at me! Thats the type of people we associate with!!! Look out for Tre Dice's Mixtape release!! Its going all the way down!!! Also, Shout out to Mr. Blakewood..... He is a lil under the weather! We are about to make history! Thanks for tuning in, and GOD BLESS!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hollywood and Still in the HOOD! Something doesnt add up!

I am TIRED OF THIS PLAGUE WE HAVE CALLED HOLLYHOODNESS! Hmpph! First and Foremost, i would like to shout out all my People that are HOLLYWOOD.....and STILL IN THE HOOD! Yall gotta change this or you're gonna stay THERE!
Throughout my day, I interact with various people from many different walks of life! They include Musicians, Lawyers, Teacher's, Entrepreneurs/Negro's, and may other occupations! I must say that i am blessed to have this privilege. One thing that has become a pet peeve of mine is Unnecessary HOLLYWOOD ATTITUDES....DUDE, YOU ARE STILL IN THE HOOD! You are not on any1's BILLBOARD! Now, not to say that there is anything wrong with the hood, but rather, we need to learn to work together AND EMBRACE EACH OTHER!! HollyHoodness, is a social disease that will cripple anyone in their community! It is a social defense Mechanism to keep unfamiliar people out of your camp! Dude, your hood is but SO BIG!! Branch out, and expand your mind~ I'd like to thank those of you, who are the opposite! Lets make this $$$$$~~~

Often Times people are so intimidated by someone Else's movement/progression, that they stray away and isolate themselves! That is the quickest way to LOSE in any industry!!! We must all realize that there are different strengths and weaknesses that we all possess! Please do not run from excellence, but rather accept and OPEN YOUR EARS and listen and trade off vital information! If not, you will never progress AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! Progression is about diversity, and diversifying is about opening your mind and heart to new things that you will be able to utilize in life! So what that you are from the burbs, and he is from the hood, and vice VERSA! You both have information that will be applicable in life!! Becoming a more well-rounded person through exposure to others will ONLY make you more VALUABLE!

Seriously people, Hollywood mentality is not even acceptable for people who have made it! Human beings were created to work together in harmony! We have to work together! Many in Body One in Mind! That is one of the quotes that my team follows DAILY! Sooooo.... hang up your ego, and work with some1 now! Hollywood is no longer the BAR, but rather Socialite ways are the new COOL!! We have to be more similar to a Jewish community...every1 works together, and has a vital role in their community! I don't need to explain it, Simply compare their community to ours.... ENOUGH SAID~
Also, Shout out to Tre Dice, Nafiys Blakewood, Ash-Morgan, Medina Blaire, Omar Jones(Nexxt level ENT), DJ SCOOP, HOODSTAR Lux, Chantal B. and my other people who are on the Entertainment grind, and the road to GREATNESS! If i missed you, its only because i don't want to shout out 10,00 names! Next Blog i got you!

Al B Young Mogul

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bet Rip The Runway preview

Its been a while!!! Those CrAcK HoUsE RoCk boyz have been grinding hard....PAUSE!!! LOL!!! It has been a great week! We recently got the privelege to go to BET's Rip The Runway!!! It was hella DOPE! Tre Dice and I got the pleasure of meeting some dope people! Just to name a few, We linked up with Ra the Mc(Google Her) and Gordo Brega, both hailing from MD. The Dmv was repping hard as hell in the building! Look forward to the exclusive 16 barz of the week with Gordo Brega and CHR's Own Tre Dice! Its gonna be hot! Tune in!!! Next year we anticipate Dice City and TRE DICE being in the actual show!! TRUST ME ON THAT ONE, the plan is in effect!!! Check out some of the Pics that my girl Ra The Mc TOOK! Her site is ! DOPE DOPE DOPE! You already kno we show the DMV mad love! Shout out to the Homie Tae Barz! Gordo Brega, keep doing your thing homie. Also, Ra the MC is not only a dope MC, but a freelance Photographer!! Get at her!!! We are gonna come down there soon and get a lil project going! So yasll need to stay posted! OWWW!!!

The performances were DOPE too! You already know T.I. Ripped the stage with the realest song out right now!!! Word ta Big Bird!! lol.... Aiight then, stay tuned! Signing out!!! Its your General of Business! We will post live footage of the Concert! So if you miss it, you can see some of it here!

Al B Young Mogul