Monday, March 30, 2009

Humility is KEY to unlocking many doors!~!~!~!~!~

You Superstars out there!!! Yes im talking to you!! Those of you on the Come-up, Grinding hard, and On the way STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!!! Every opportunity that We are given, is taken into consideration, and appreciated to the utmost! The journey to the top is a long road, and once your car begins to drive on cruise control, we tend to forget who got us there! The man above(or whomever you believe in)! Humility is something that is preached, and we must adhere to it, or lose what we have gained! Never forget where you came from, and always reach down and help someone! Thats what my team and I do, and have been successful thusfar! Lets continue this and make the world how we want it! Next time you talk about someone being a certain way, i want you to inspect your behavior, and make sure that you are acting the right way!

A great man once said that the successfulness of your business endeavors is dependant on his/her ability to leverage relationships!! Learn how to treat people! We need each other to thrive! Lets not forget it! Anyways, im out, and hit me on the twitter! Signing out! Also, this weekend is action packed!! Thursday- Sunday! We are booked for shows! NJPAC Hip-Hop week, Battle of the runway, Tcnj Fashion show, and legendary designer Tyrone Chambliss has opened his doors to us participating on sunday! Lets get it!

So says:

Al B Young Mogul