Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bet Rip The Runway preview

Its been a while!!! Those CrAcK HoUsE RoCk boyz have been grinding hard....PAUSE!!! LOL!!! It has been a great week! We recently got the privelege to go to BET's Rip The Runway!!! It was hella DOPE! Tre Dice and I got the pleasure of meeting some dope people! Just to name a few, We linked up with Ra the Mc(Google Her) and Gordo Brega, both hailing from MD. The Dmv was repping hard as hell in the building! Look forward to the exclusive 16 barz of the week with Gordo Brega and CHR's Own Tre Dice! Its gonna be hot! Tune in!!! Next year we anticipate Dice City and TRE DICE being in the actual show!! TRUST ME ON THAT ONE, the plan is in effect!!! Check out some of the Pics that my girl Ra The Mc TOOK! Her site is ! DOPE DOPE DOPE! You already kno we show the DMV mad love! Shout out to the Homie Tae Barz! Gordo Brega, keep doing your thing homie. Also, Ra the MC is not only a dope MC, but a freelance Photographer!! Get at her!!! We are gonna come down there soon and get a lil project going! So yasll need to stay posted! OWWW!!!

The performances were DOPE too! You already know T.I. Ripped the stage with the realest song out right now!!! Word ta Big Bird!! lol.... Aiight then, stay tuned! Signing out!!! Its your General of Business! We will post live footage of the Concert! So if you miss it, you can see some of it here!

Al B Young Mogul

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Forget Chasing skirts, it's too tiring! Forget My age....... I gotta get myself a Cougar!! Young men out there, Give ur Stell her GROOVE BACK!!

MAN! I Dont know about you my fellow brotha's, but im thinking bout finding my stella, and Giving a gift of her GROOVE BACK !!! OWWWWW!! I love my youth! I was leaving the library today, and decided to take a phone call in the cafe. MIND YOU, I am lounging and talking in the BIG COMFY COUCH(taking it back), and i am then approached by a pack of COUGARS at 9:45 west in coordinates. They approach me to ask why i am dressed in the manner that i am(Shirt, Tie,fitted jeans, and a cardigan). I smirk and simply tell them This is the nature of my business, and I dress like this often. They say oh really?!?! I say...yes maam(perky,with a smile). They then proceed to tell me the business that they are in! Im like wow...REALLY(Eyes get Bigger). I ask for a card from them, and one doesnt have a card. She then says...I have a number tho, and Winks. Im like WOW TOO BOLD! Thats not the end though! Once i give them my card, they say they want to do business with me in the near future...I say great! I then proceed to say if i can help you in any way, just contact me. She then says do you have a wife(jamaican accent). Mi say Nuh me dun hafi wife! They all laughed, and she said we can start our business there! MY FREAKIN Jaw DRopped!!! I was like WTF!!?!?! I smiled, and took it as a compliment, and kept it moving!

Moral of the Story..... Young Women out there, DATING is not taboo thE freakin GAME!!! We dont want to guess ish!! Just save us the trouble, and tell us what you intend on our relationship consisting of!!! Nobody wants to waste time on something that is not desired of BOTH PARTIES!!! LOL.... Keep it real in 09' and stop playing games!! SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

God please dont let me end up on the 10 o'clock NEWS! 3am + Flat Tire + Below Freezing Temperature, + the heart of the hood is NOT a good Combination!

SOOOOOO, it starts out a beautiful night! When Myke "Drink" and Al B get together its always good times that follow....PAUSE! We had the opportunity of hanging out with Our college Friends in newark last night. The night went smooth! We had a few drinks, shot the breeze, and even watched Chris Rocks Stand-up Performance.....DOPE(Medina's Fav)! After we finished laughing our hearts out, and living it up, we Decided it was time to depart. We leave out, and 5 minutes later we hear a distinct sound! Initially what sounded like we were running over a consecutive row of Wild Animals! So, we say WTH!?!?! We get outside and check to see what the hell is going on!!! AN EFFIN FLAT TIRE....3am +Full Moon+ Flat Tire + Below Freezing Temperature, + the heart of the hood is NOT a good Combination!!! Now we are thinking, this is some 10 O'clock News type ISH.........We are Sitting damn DUCKS! At this point we are like what do we do? So after we see a few Fiends, and Suspicious passerbyers(if thats even a word) we decide we gotta get to a lighted area! So we drive to the nearest OPEN gas station. When we arrive, it seems like a scene from Fiends let loose at night! Hella fiends Walking thru the LOT like its a CLUB(think about the song the freaks come out at night, and replace freaks with FIENDS!)! Imagine the Hottest club you know! Yesss!!! Just like that, but full of fiends! LOL... But hey, Drink and myself arent scared to punch a niggas lights out! LOl... Well, after an hour of watching strange individuals conduct weird transactions, AAA came and fixed the flat! Right after, like a prom dress on a hot STEAMY night we were OFF( SHOUT OUT TO THE SCHIMSTER)!

THANK GOD the situation panned out the way it did, cuz...... 3am + Flat Tire + Below Freezing Temperature, + the heart of the hood is NOT a good Combination! LOL... thanks for tuning in!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chinese Conspiracy Theory or I'm just ignorant


You ever wonder why there are so many chinese food stores in the hood. Sometimes you find an asian and black person but not often. It's like ALL that booty in the hood and they never wanted to tap???? Come on now. But do see asian and white babies. Why is this?? Well that part of the theory I have not developed yet. Maybe it's because they need to get close to the man. Ok but that is besides the point. The point is that China is planning a takeover people. YESSS. A TAKEOVER Why do you think they have so many people over there and everyone is on lock? They pretend like they are friends with us and come over here and mix and mingle and procreate. But you ever notice how it's mostly asian women with white men. Men are weak.

Now....lets imagine the US and China as two hoods. We respect each other but the US owes China some guap. They don't really need the guap but that does not eliminate that fact that the gov't owes them some money. Did you see that episode of family guy where Stewie is trying to get the money that Brian owes him?? YYEEEEAAAAAAA now it's clicking.........WHERE"S MY MONEY BITCH?? so now that you understand that you want to know when the war is going to begin. Well I will tell you the sign to look out for.

One day you will be hungry and be like yea I'm about to go and get an order of chicken wings and french fries with hot sauce and extra ketchup. But when you get there the chinese food store is going to be closed. If ever this is the case.....RRRRRUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! All the chinese food stores everywhere are going to blow up. Then the chinese mafia is going to bust out of everywhere and we are going to be BRAWLING!!!!! Now another part to the theory as to why there are mostly located in the hood is that 1) they want the african american and latino community to join them 2) they don't want to fight in the burbs because that's where their houses are and when they take over they are going to need somewhere to live...........I don't know........I'm still working on it

Now, you want to know what happens after the takeover. Prepare to work. They are going to make us work that shit off and populate our lands with bad breath........NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO it's like a nightmare RIGHT? Well you can do something to avoid this. Do what I plan to do..........move to Europe. That is the solution.

**This theory is a work in progress. Something things have changed. It worked better when Bush was in office because who didn't want to annihilate that guy.

Anyway BEWARE!!!

Once again, DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. I am just joking. I love all people.

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