Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Forget Chasing skirts, it's too tiring! Forget My age....... I gotta get myself a Cougar!! Young men out there, Give ur Stell her GROOVE BACK!!

MAN! I Dont know about you my fellow brotha's, but im thinking bout finding my stella, and Giving a gift of her GROOVE BACK !!! OWWWWW!! I love my youth! I was leaving the library today, and decided to take a phone call in the cafe. MIND YOU, I am lounging and talking in the BIG COMFY COUCH(taking it back), and i am then approached by a pack of COUGARS at 9:45 west in coordinates. They approach me to ask why i am dressed in the manner that i am(Shirt, Tie,fitted jeans, and a cardigan). I smirk and simply tell them This is the nature of my business, and I dress like this often. They say oh really?!?! I say...yes maam(perky,with a smile). They then proceed to tell me the business that they are in! Im like wow...REALLY(Eyes get Bigger). I ask for a card from them, and one doesnt have a card. She then says...I have a number tho, and Winks. Im like WOW TOO BOLD! Thats not the end though! Once i give them my card, they say they want to do business with me in the near future...I say great! I then proceed to say if i can help you in any way, just contact me. She then says do you have a wife(jamaican accent). Mi say Nuh me dun hafi wife! They all laughed, and she said we can start our business there! MY FREAKIN Jaw DRopped!!! I was like WTF!!?!?! I smiled, and took it as a compliment, and kept it moving!

Moral of the Story..... Young Women out there, DATING is not taboo thE freakin GAME!!! We dont want to guess ish!! Just save us the trouble, and tell us what you intend on our relationship consisting of!!! Nobody wants to waste time on something that is not desired of BOTH PARTIES!!! LOL.... Keep it real in 09' and stop playing games!! SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG!!!

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  1. See I told you that I was going to get on here to say whats up withu; just make sure that check out my blogs 2..