Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I dont Want to hear any EXCUSES!! JUST GET IT DONE!!!

In life we have those who make excuses, and those who make it happen! Which will you choose to be!?!?! If you cant Fly, run, If you cant run,walk, if you cant walk, Crawl, and if you cant crawl hitch a ride!!! As long as you keep it moving!!! In order to prevent Stagnation, you must tell yourself that you must continue to move regardless of the circumstance!! Many of us allow road blocks to halt us from preogression! However, Roadblocks, and obstacles are NEVER Meant to STOP YOU! They are meant to Strengthen you! Think about working out in the GYM! It may hurt, and be unpleasant at times, and DRAINING, but through dilligence you become STRONGER! This also applies to our troubles and hardships in life! Many people complain and say that money, resources, and opportunities are lacking! That is ABSOLUTELY FALSE!! The only thing that is lacking is their DRIVE AND DETERMINATION TO GET THINGS DONE! There are many resoures for all of us regardless of what our bank Statements SAY! However, if they dont present themselves to you right away, MAKE THEM HAPPEN!! In life, no one is goin to baby you into making your Dreams COME TRUE!!!

Just Remember, what people do for you, is a direct measure of what you do for yourself( Original Quote by Al B Young Mogul)! If you are a model, you work out, spend hours in the gym, and Fight yourself to fight the urges of JUNKFOOD! Your rewards are the fact that people compliment you on your body! You are able to use your product to make $$$, and many more things! If you are an artist, you dont get a record deal for just making a hot SINGLE! You get a deal from creating a buzz, and a following! You have done that for Yourself first, and now people do not MIND GIVING their Time and Money to help you! However, this only COMES WHEN YOU HELP YOURSELF OUT! No1 Wants to help someone who doesnt help themselves! That is why many of you reading will see a person who is always begging for money at the same place! If its not the right day, yourself, I CANT EVEN PUT GAS IN MY CAR, HOW can i help you! Shout outs to my team! If you are a hard worker, get at me! Thats the type of people we associate with!!! Look out for Tre Dice's Mixtape release!! Its going all the way down!!! Also, Shout out to Mr. Blakewood..... He is a lil under the weather! We are about to make history! Thanks for tuning in, and GOD BLESS!


  1. seriously al...this crystal btw...i'll reserve my actual comments so I dont embarrass you but seriously....

  2. Did you steal that opening line from my facebook plug!